The Association of Molecular Modellers of Australasia

 Australasia Branch of the Molecular  Graphics and Modelling Society



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Executive Officers.

President:  Brian Smith

Vice President:  Ricardo Mancera

Secretary:  Elizabeth Yuriev

Treasurer: Brett Church

Committee Members.

Renate Griffith

Alpesh Malde

Tamir Dingjan

Equity policy.

The Association of Molecular Modellers of Australasia (AMMA) provides a forum for communication and the dissemination of information within the molecular modelling community of Australia and the broader Asia-Pacific region. It welcomes membership from all persons interested in participating in the organization. The AMMA is open to members of all genders, sexuality, backgrounds, cultures, abilities, religions, and experiences, and supports diversity and inclusion. It provides a safe, welcoming and accessible environment for its members without reference to individual difference. It will strive to achieve a representative balance of members in all aspects of its activities, including leadership roles, committees, meetings, conferences, and speaking opportunities. Where a lack of balance is identified, people from underrepresented groups will be particularly encouraged to participate and offered opportunities to develop within the context of the AMMA.


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